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UK & Estonian Business Support

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UK - Estonian Operations


Our focus

Where Cognito Support specializes

EU / UK Cross Border Operations

Cognito Support specializes in supporting UK / Estonian businesses which operate in both jurisdictions. From taxation to transfer pricing we touch on all subjects and have experience in running subsidiaries and guiding investment in both countries.

Business Development

Cognito Support can help advise on the establishment of companies in both the UK and Estonia, as well as support the growth and provide quality of life improvements for the running of your business. Our staff have experience of setting up and running companies globally.

Legal Understanding

With experience in both UK & Estonian jurisdictions, Cognito Support can provide legal support on most business matters. We specialize in corporate structuring, intra-jurisdictional operations, and providing support via the Estonian E-Systems and other communication platforms

Service Provider Signposting

If you are looking to avoid unnecessary costs or are unsure if you need a service provider or not, Cognito can advise you on how to do things yourself and what you will need help with. Our initial consultations are free and we believe in sharing resources not withholding them, enabling you to work on your own terms.


About Cognito

Cognito Support is a boutique consultancy consisting of myself, Alan Page-Duffy, and a small team of other associate staff brought in for specific projects.

Coming from an English Law background, I first visited Estonia for a summer school in International Commercial Law in 2013, and have experience of operating in Estonia for nearly a decade. Working for several legal consultancies and law firms I have a robust understanding of international business law and experience in Europe, Dubai, India, the UK, and Australia.

I have and currently run several, small business projects in tourism and in the social enterprise sector, providing me with a good understanding of what it means to start your own business and the navigation of legal requirements when you first start out.

With my familiarity with both the Estonian and UK business environments, I specialize in enabling UK – Estonian cross-border trade and business operation.


Cognito in Depth

The 'Brass Tacks' of what Cognito can do for you.

Free Advice

Any first discussion is always free. Cognito does not charge for discussions just deliverables. Even if you are not sure of what you need, an initial discussion with Cognito will not cost you a dime.


Personal Experience

We have done this before, from set up to winding down. Standard or complicated, Cognito can fulfil your needs.


Avoid Unnecessary Costs

With any new business, there can be a lot of uncertainty on legal requirements, and what are the reasonable costs for professionals to assist you with meeting them. Cognito can signpost you to trusted providers and also to the resources necessary to do things by yourself.


Estonian Based

We are based on the ground in Tallinn. This means Cognito Support can attend physical locations and sort things out in person if issues arise.


Cognito is also a Member of:

The British Estonian Chamber of Commerce


Get in Touch

Not sure what you need? Get in touch for a free consultation.